Our Logo Explained

The Butterfly

The whole butterfly is to remind us of how beautiful, delicate, and fragile life can be and symbolizes transitions, change, rebirth, transformation and renewal.

The Colors

The colors of the logo are of the colors of the Newfoundland and Labrador flag, with the primary colors of red top wings, gold centre flame and blue bottom wings and waves placed against a background of white.

White represents the snow and ice

Blue represents the sea

Red represents human effort

Gold represents confidence, strength and hope

The Center Flame is an eternal flame that symbolizes knowledge, the immortality and eternal spirit of the person.

Waves - each wave is as separate and unique as each person and also a part of the great ocean and life they share.

-also represent that grief like the waves that can come and go. Some days the water and feelings are more in turmoil or stormy, and on other days there is a sense of calm and a quiet lapping on the shore.